Recent teaching news/awards:

April 2018 – I was honored to receive the “SAAC All-Star Team” award from the Agnes Scott College Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC) for the faculty member who has most assisted students athletically and academically.


January 2017 – I met the students in my first Journeys class.

I applied to teach a section of the first-year Journeys course, and my proposal and application were accepted. I now regularly teach a section of the Journeys course, a semester-long course that all first years must take, which has a global theme and also includes a week of learning in an international destination. My section of Journeys combines my passion for chemistry with my knowledge of Greater Manchester (UK) and involves a week in Manchester (UK) with the course topic as Manchester: Industrialization and Scientific Progress, Benefits and Costs.

Examples of past syllabi:

These are for courses generally taught by Professor Winget (note, courses taught in the future may not contain exactly the same topics and assignments as courses taught in the past)

CHE150 – Introduction to Chemistry

CHE150L – Introduction to Basic Chemical Laboratory Techniques

CHE220 – Foundations of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry

CHE220L – Foundations of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry Laboratory

CHE260 – Physical Chemistry I

CHE360 – Physical Chemistry II

CHE365 – Physical Chemistry Laboratory

GLB102 – Journeys – Manchester: Industrializatoin and Scientific Progress, Benefits and Costs